If you want a wise answer, ask a reasonable question. Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you want a wise answer, ask a reasonable question.
Wolfgang Von Goethe

Q. How much is this likely to cost?

A. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.  

My rates are competitive and affordable. Some content writing services offer extremely cheap rates, and a fast turnaround time, but be aware that work is generally outsourced to a ‘bank’ of low cost writers, many from overseas.  As one of hundreds of clients being factory-processed, this is what you will be paying for, and the reason the agency can afford to charge so little.  The end product is poorly written and constructed content that will, at best, do nothing to enhance your website or business.

The craft of writing quality content or copy starts with taking a moment to listen to a company or organisation, and gaining an understanding of the desired outcome.  Thereafter it is down to research and drafting. As many drafts as it takes to get it exactly right.  It doesn’t happen in a heartbeat, but the end result is interesting, engaging and coherent copy that adds value to any website or business.

Fees will vary according the depth and complexity of a particular project, and will be less for editing existing text, but my rates are very competitive.

Q. You do both ‘copy’ and ‘content’ – aren’t they the same thing?

A. Good question.  Content tends to serve as the informative text, telling the reader what they need to know about a business, organisation, product, place or person. Copy is the flirtatious cousin. She must have also have engaging content, but her job is really to entice and motivate the reader to take some sort of action.  What that action might be will depend on your aim – donate to a charity, buy a product, click on a link or sign up for a newsletter.

Q. What if I don’t like the content you write?

A.  That is yet to happen, and it shouldn’t happen provided the brief given is clear.  The initial draft can be amended and changed until we get things just right.  If you are planning a lot of written material, I would email the first couple of items to ensure you are completely happy with the work before going any further.  

Q. Can you write for a niche market?

A. Experienced at writing across the board, that shouldn’t be a problem.  As a journalist I am very used to researching and writing on a variety of subjects. I am also qualified and experienced in areas that include health, science, medical and veterinary, so can work with more technical subjects. If all else fails, I do have a rather good selection of contacts that are writing professionals, many with obscure and weird interests.

Q. Who owns the copyright for material you have written for me?

A. You do.  Since you commissioned the content and paid for the work, the copyright is yours.