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Feature writing takes an in-depth look at a topic, person, product or industry. When well-written, it takes a complex story and assembles it so that the reader can enjoy an engaging and leisurely read.

Over the past fifteen years I’ve had feature articles published that cover just about every topic imaginable. Just ask, and let’s see if you can surprise me.

I have written advertorials on subjects that range from fish to cosmetics, and was published in every equestrian glossy in the UK (and some abroad). Scottish heritage has been explored, as has sexuality and teen problems. There are hundreds of published articles on health and wellbeing. What I’m saying is I can write about most things. Pretty much anything actually, but I do draw the line at subjects like finance and IT. That’s just something I can’t get excited about. I love to research and get interested in the topic I’m writing about. It’s the journalist in me.

Liz is a gifted and inventive features writer, who has made a valuable contribution to the Caledonian Mercury, She files what she’s said she’d file, when she said she’d file it.

She writes very well across a variety of topics and is chock-full of ideas.

Stewart Kirkpatrick, Editor Caledonian Mercury, Head of Scotland at 38 Degrees

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Sunday Herald Magazine (health columnist)