Health Specialist

This is my area of expertise, and I am widely published in the area of health & wellness.

What makes me a succesful writer and health specialist?

Charm and wit aside, I am well qualified for the job:

  • degree in biological sciences
  • degree in diagnostic radiography
  • senior clinical role for many years
  • experience in the hospital clinical environment
  • experience in the veterinary environment
  • an empathy and understanding with patients and their illness

With that as a background, I have had fifteen years experience as a published writer – mainly on health topics – and have been both the fitness and health columnist within a national newspaper

I commissioned Elizabeth McQuillan to write the health pages of the Sunday Herald magazine for around two years. Elizabeth is a very personable, reliable writer who helped make our health pages accessible and informative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work.

Jane Wright, Editor, bthere magazine for Brussels Airlines at Ink Publishing

What can I write?

I can write on any medical, health or wellness topic and can break complex information down so that it is bite-size, digestable and an interesting read.

    • feature articles
    • patient information material
    • brochures and leaflets for hospitals, clinics and surgical units
    • blogs
    • anything health & wellness related
  • fitness

Click on my picture for some examples of my published work:-

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Elizabeth McQuillan Health & Wellness Specialist

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