Web Content

I help you find your digital voice in a competitive market

Giving your audience exactly what it wants, and engaging with them, is the key to succesful web content. That content may take the form of blogs or website content, but whatever you send out into the ether should represent your business or product, and encourage potential customers to visit your website and use your services. I’m good at talking to people, and I’m good at writing. I can write what you need, and help you develop your own brand ‘voice’.

Website Copy

You most likely know what it is you want to say on your website, but your audience are a canny lot, and you neet to get the voice and the pitch just right to engage with them. Content that is well written is the single most important aspect of having a succesful website. Waxing lyrical about your busines and product isn’t always the way to the heart of your audience, and Kevin from accounts may not be your best ambassador when it comes to writing your web pages.

Attract an audience with a blog

Having a blog is a rather useful marketing and communication tool that is often overlooked.  Blogs can function in many ways, but usually offer value to your audience. This may be in the form of new and interesting information, solving issues or just letting clients know what your business is up to. The changing stream of content is also very attractive to search engines like Google.

Do the right thing

If you want quality content, then hire a professional to do it. Leave Kevin to do the accounts. That is all.